A health concept for the modern people

This concept is for all of us, modern people, who are short of time but have a strong desire to achieve good health and wellbeing. By using Smart Breathe and specific breathing exercises, man can easily increase the oxygen uptake in the cells, so they will be able to produce more energy.

A lot of attention is paid to the process of breathing in health improving practices. It is possible to get great results if you learn the right technique of breathing. There are different kinds of breathing techniques such as yoga and other oriental ones. But the problem for a modern busy man is a lack of time to take care of the health.

During many years of work in the field of health promotion I have been studying the principles of different breathing techniques and have managed to combine them in the development of a simple, mobile and accessible breathing device. Here are a few words about the principles of breathing exercises.
Although it is considered by the modern physiology normal to take 12 – 15 inhales per minute, dozens of cellular respiration studies prove that decreasing number of the breathing cycles or hypoxia training leads to better oxygen uptake by the brain and all the cells as well. It happens due to the carbon dioxide which provides better oxygen transference from hemoglobin to the cells (according to Niels Bohr-Verigo law) and blood vessels distention. There is very high percentage of centenarians living in the mountains where the oxygen in the air has less pressure and the right concentration of it appears to cause the delay of aging.
It has been noticed an astonishing healing benefit of simple breathing exercises based on hypoxia and hypercapnia, i.e. a lack of oxygen and exuberance of carbon dioxide.
Our company had a goal to develop a concept of effective breathing and a training device to correct it on the basis of the modern physiology of breathing and the principles of yoga techniques. In our work we took advantage of far the best of all from pranayama and qi gong.
The training device Smart Breathe was developed in 2010. It allows ordinary people to master breathing techniques during a short period of time.
The Smart Breathe is constructed in such a way that it regulates man`s breathing automatically. The habit pattern forms during step by step training.
30-40 minutes trainings a day set on the curing mechanism and activate latent resources of the human body. A person reading this article can wonder where he can get so much time to train every day. But the idea of the breathing device is that nobody needs additional time to train with the Smart Breathe, you can do it while reading a book, watching TV, driving a car or working at the computer and so on.
The improving of mental capacities: better memory and clear mind have been observed after 2-3 months of the training.
In a few months of training with the device the right pattern of breathing is formed, you begin to breathe rhythmically 6-7 times per minute. It saves breathing energy expenditure and decreases free-radicals number. These particular factors increase the healing powers of the body and delay aging.
The heart rate has also an impact on the process of aging. Training with the Smart Breathe during several months decreases the number of heart beatings. It is known that at the cardiac rhythm acceleration with 5-10 beatings in one minute, the heart does 7-14 thousands more contractions in one day.
It is known that the lifetime of a rabbit with the heart rate of 250 beatings per minute is three times shorter than that of a hare with the heart rate of 60 beatings per minute. The lower frequency of the cardiac contractions allows to save the power of the heart, prolong its working period and so the human life.

The Smart Breathe device has gone through all necessary medical tests and got Europeans medical certificate.
In August 2013 was carried out study in Chattarpur Extension at Varishth Nagrik Kalyan Samiti, 37 elderly people participated in the study.
2-month study showed very positive results among the participants;
1. For those who had high blood pressure blood pressure fell
2. Improved breathing capacity
3. Improved sleep
4. Less fatigue
5. more energy, increased vitality
6. Decreased symptoms in asthmatics
7. Decreased symptoms in people with heart problems
8. Decreased depression in the majority
9. General health was improved  

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  • immense immunity enhancement.
  • intensive fat burning.
  • slowing up the processes of ageing.
  • improvement of blood circulation.
  • increasing oxygen absorption by the cells.
  • decreasing of free radicals damage.
  • improving of remembrance and concentration.
  • the brain conserves energy
  • increasing of performance efficiency.


The breathing device which prolongs your life



t is known that the oxygen we breathe is saturating the blood, but the level of blood oxygen turns out to be low. Without sufficient oxygen to the cells your body becomes more susceptible to health problems. That is why it is so important to oxygenate them. Why do the cells receive too little oxygen? The reason is that the quantity of oxygen transferred by the erythrocytes to the cells depends on the quantity of carbon dioxide in the blood. According to 24 scientific studies modern people breathe wrong, they hyperventilate. It means that a lot of carbon dioxide is blown out which in its turn leads to poor oxygen uptake and therefore health problems. Why do we hyperventilate? Some reasons are that we are often exposed to stress, eat too much and have toxins in food and due to other environmental problems. “Smart Breathe” provides breathing with resistance and long exhalations which helps us to keep carbon dioxide in the blood. Due to such kind of breathing the healing process starts, the body´s resistance increases and we can protect ourselves against diseases. breath


ife processes, for example, digesting as well as physical work, managing stress and dealing with bad ecology demands a lot of energy. But the largest part of it goes to supply breathing. A normal human takes about 21 600 breathes a day. While breathing with SB device about 30 – 60 minutes every day our brain gets used to make fewer than 15 breaths per minute. After a few months of breathing exercises with the device the number of breaths can be reduced to 6-8 per minute, which is considered to be optimal for human beings. It means that by saving energy we increase healthy life expectancy. resistance


he body`s  resistance is provided by the immune system. With the help of “Smart Breathe” we increase oxygen uptake by the all cells, including the ones of the immune system. It makes the immune system stronger and therefore increases protection of the body from viruses, microbes, parasites, etc. easy_way2


ou carry “Smart Breathe” about everywhere and use it any time, in any context: while cleaning, washing, working at the computer, driving a car, watching TV, etc. You don`t need special time to practice, you can always work out!


very day we clean the teeth to keep them healthy. We can do the same with the whole body by using “Smart Breathe” regularly and supplying the cells with more oxygen. Our health depends on the condition of the body`s regulatory mechanisms, including the nervous system. Its condition is crucial to how we feel because  the nervous system controls the work of each organ of the body. We can treat intestines, liver, kidneys with different therapies without any effect if it is instable. The method of the efficient breathing strengthens the cells of the nervous system by increasing their oxygen supply and thus our health in general.